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What software companies need to communicate effectively

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As we all know, the largest Internet company in China is Tencent. All her products revolve around her core and most important "Founding" software - QQ. QQ is an instant messenger software. The user group is all Chinese. . At present, Chinese Internet users reach 420 million, and these netizens are all aware of this lovely penguin.
However, this cute penguin has its hateful nature, and does not say that the computer world released that "dog day" Tencent, peers on Tencent level of hatred. It is said that it conflicts with the development of the company. Human resources are one of the most important costs of the company. At present, most companies have opened up the Internet to facilitate employees to complete their work better and faster, but the Internet is a double-edged sword. For the convenience of the enterprise, it also caused a lot of trouble. Using QQ chat is one of the biggest dangers of the Internet.
A forum started a survey on the company's employee QQ chat topics. Netizens voted to show that 70% of netizens frequently use QQ during work hours, while using QQ is mainly based on chat. There is no doubt that the chat will affect the work efficiency of employees. How to stop QQ from being brought to the company has become a concern for corporate managers.
Someone said that the QQ was shielded and it was white. Let corporate employees stop chatting and go to normal work. This method is the most commonly used. But this raises another big problem - companies will lack communication because of this. Communication is one of the company's most important cultures. It can enable employees to feel a sense of belonging and pleasure, increase employee productivity, and reduce the management burden on managers, thereby enhancing the cohesion of the company.
What is the lack of communication?
In the absence of communication, there is no doubt that we must find a way to make up for it. At this time, enterprise instant messaging software should be born. Enterprise instant messaging software is a kind of QQ-like software. The difference is that enterprise instant messaging only allows internal personnel to communicate with each other. Others cannot communicate with employees.
What is the function of enterprise instant messaging software?
In general, the functions of QQ, the enterprise instant messaging software developers will show in their products. Functions generally include: picture sending, text sending, language communication, one-on-one video communication, group, network hard disk and so on. In addition, many enterprise instant messaging developers often use peripheral product bindings to promote their brand competitiveness. For example, we develop RTC, which integrates video conferencing (many-to-many), Internet telephony. , bulk SMS, network fax and so on. Another example: The enterprise instant messaging software of Qun Ying Network integrates into the enterprise office automation system, online customer service, and video conferencing. Other developers will no longer be introduced one by one.
How companies choose enterprise instant messaging software
Many Internet companies recognize that companies are in urgent need of a set of internal communication software, and they have developed enterprise instant messaging software. However, not all software complies with the company's use. Businesses need to start from three points.
1, stability
Stability is the first major requirement for enterprise instant messaging. If stability cannot be guaranteed, the software company's strength must be limited.
2, security
The network is one of the most vulnerable to data loss. Once data is stolen, unpredictable troubles may occur. Security must be considered.
3, price
Corporate instant messaging software is not a good charge, mainly depends on the company's demand for products. For example, if a company has a local area network download speed requirement, permanent free fall is the best choice for the company. For another example, companies want to communicate with the outside world and they can also market externally. The permanent free RTC is the most suitable.


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