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Instant messaging challenges the transition to online collaboration tools

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After years of follow-up research, IDC found that as China's Internet market has become one of the most popular applications, the future technological development and application of instant messaging will be affected by many new technology trends, showing more and more dynamic changes. The three hot technologies of communication and social networking, unified communications, and online collaboration will become closer and closer, and they will constitute an important trend of convergence and development. In the consumer market, instant messaging has become an important supporting application in social networks; in the corporate market, the universal application of instant messaging has had an important impact on corporate communications and on-line collaboration.
1. Social Networking - The rapid development of social networks and the spread of instant messaging have impacted each other. Instant messaging has become an important importer of social networks in China. For example, Tencent built a large community of over 100 million active users based on instant messaging.
2. Unified Communications - Instant messaging increasingly has the qualities to be a unified communications hub element. The concept of unified communications to establish a unified customer interface and basic platform is widely welcomed by enterprises and has become a trend in the development of the telecommunication market. If you wish to deploy the same communications platform with a good user experience, you must face up to providing flexible instant messaging capabilities.
3. Online Collaboration - Online collaboration will also absorb the concept of more instant messaging development and present dynamic changes. Today's online collaboration takes more seriously the involvement of each user, and it is increasingly important for employees and customers to express their opinions and ideas through appropriate online collaboration tools.
Summing up the success factors of instant messaging business development in China, the tense development of Tencent QQ has driven the development of the entire market. The QQ space’s monthly active users surpassed 100 million to illustrate the trend of universalization of Web 2.0 in China and Tencent. A pivotal role in the trend. More and more Chinese Internet users' hobbies have shifted from browsing news to building personal space, involving online communities, and establishing online social connections. With the generalization of personal space, the connection between users and users is getting closer and closer. Comprehensive analysis of the development of QQ space and Windows Live Space can be seen that in the deployment and application of Web2.0, instant messaging plays a pivotal role in guiding and supporting functions.
The instant messaging market has never been as important as it is now. Many Internet companies and IT companies have begun to re-evaluate the role of instant messaging tools. Baidu has launched Baidu Hi and has begun offering beta invitations. IDC found that the ICT industry is undergoing important changes, and the development trend of instant messaging represents some important industrial convergence: the communications industry has begun to transition to the Internet industry, and the consumer market and the corporate market are infiltrating each other. This permeation exudation itself illustrates the changes and impact of the market - consumers may be more inclined to use an easier way to make the device has a rich function of complex software and systems.
Some suppliers started to pay attention to changes in consumers and they plan to launch some products at any time to adapt to new market conditions. The popularity of instant messaging in the Internet has led to its application in the corporate market. This reversed penetration of the consumer market into the corporate market will become more common in the future.
However, instant messaging still faces many challenges in the transition from chat tools to online collaboration tools. The massive use of instant messaging in the office has led to new arguments. Many companies believe that the use of instant messaging tools has reduced the work of employees. effectiveness. How to avoid employees' use of instant communication tools to engage in private communication during working hours has become an important issue for instant messaging entry.


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