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Efforts to create a dedicated EIM platform for small and medium-sized enterpr...

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What is communication? Communication is the transmission and exchange of information. With the progress of mankind, the way of communication is also rapidly developing. From the ancient pigeons' spreads, alarms to the fire, to today's telephone communications and Internet communications are constantly changing our lives, and new forms of communication are also continuing. Health.
        In the enterprise, the use of personal instant messaging (CIM) tools is basically for "private chat." In the “If you use CIM tools to work, how would you generally treat them?”, the percentage of job questions that are entirely related to work issues is even lower, at 5.6%; most of them are work relationships, and 38.8% are small friends; 28.1% of the talks were unrelated to the work of customers and colleagues; 27.5% of the talks were made with personal friends most of the time. However, many corporate leaders believe that if employees complete their tasks on time, the Internet does not have to be the end of the cart, the public and private are reversed, but public and private considerations may complement each other.
        At present, some companies lack collaborative communication, which not only increases the cost of the company, but also reduces the work efficiency of the enterprise staff. Employees chatting at work hours, delaying work, and not being able to complete work on time, these phenomena are common in small and medium-sized enterprises, all of which are incomplete in management communication and lack cohesive performance. In order to improve the company's comprehensive management capabilities, it is necessary to strengthen collaborative office work among various departments and to force enterprise instant messaging (EIM) to continuously improve. How should EIM be improved?
How to solve these problems
        The RTC unified communication system developed by RTC will find answers to these questions. Unified Communication (UC) refers to a new communication mode in which computer technology is integrated with traditional communication technologies. A converged computer network and a traditional communication network are used on a network platform to implement telephone, fax, data transmission, and audio and video conferencing. , instant messaging and many other application services. Unified communications is not only the integration of networks, but also the convergence of communications applications. Users do not need to care about what kind of communication method the other party uses, and they can all communicate barrier-freely, and customers can call the target contact at any time without any problems. Unified communications will improve the company's management capabilities and collaborative office efficiency.
How to solve these problems
        The RTC independently developed by RTC is such a unified communication EIM application platform that integrates computer technology and traditional communication technologies. RTC integrates multiple functions such as Internet telephony, 3G fast messaging, Internet fax, file cabinet, video conference room, and instant messaging. It integrates multiple in-depth applications in different networks, and the product can also be customized for existing businesses. Integration, truly unified communications, comprehensive utilization of the company's management, collaborative office system, to meet the needs of the company's internal office communications and corporate external business communication and other effective communication.
Reasons to choose RTC
1. RTC instant messaging provides companies with all-round, multi-channel communication methods to ensure smooth and effective communication;
2, message encryption to ensure security, and detailed communication records for subsequent review;
3, safe point-to-point text, picture communication, and a message confirmation mechanism to ensure the safety of communication, timely and reliable;
4. Multi-person group discussion, real-time communication of words and pictures, timely and complete production of meeting records, guaranteeing the quality and results of discussion;
5, real-time message broadcast, with text, pictures, text messages to inform the accurate and timely arrival.
6, online web management to help companies manage anytime, anywhere, employee client automatically updated to the latest organizational structure, and support for fuzzy queries, convenient and quick to find contacts. The internal communication of the company members is completely unified and accessible, and office coordination can be realized without having to see the person.
        Tomorrow, RTC will continue its efforts to provide SME customers with the most comprehensive, lowest-cost, easiest-to-use and most comprehensive unified communications products to help companies maximize their communication management platforms.


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