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9 Cases on Corporate Communication

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        The importance of communication is indisputable. It can be said that if there is no communication, there will be no successful companies. Without communication, there will be no successful people. Whether or not a company establishes good communication within the company directly affects all the employees in the company to truly feel the happiness and efficiency brought by the work. Improving the internal communication management of the company can not only make the manager's work easier, but also greatly increase the work efficiency of the employees, and at the same time it can enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of the company. But it is this simple and important truth that is often overlooked. Here are 9 ways that 9 well-known companies can improve their business communication.
1. Storytelling
        Before 1994, the Boeing Company encountered some difficulties. After President Kang Di took office, he often invited senior managers to dinner at his home and then told stories about Boeing in a big fire outside the house. Condee asked the managers to write down the bad stories and burn them in the fire to bury the "dark" side of Boeing's history and keep only the inspiring stories to boost morale.
2. Chat
        Okuda is the president of Toyota's first non-Toyota family member. In his long career, Okuda has won the deep love of many people within the company. He spends a third of his time in Toyota City. He often chats with a number of engineers in the company, talks about the latest work, and talks about the difficulties of life. Another 1/3 of the time spent visiting 5,000 dealers to chat with them and listen to their opinions.
3. Relieve employees from worry
       Keller, the president of an airline, learned that the biggest worry for employees was unemployment, because many airlines hire large numbers of people during peak seasons and dismiss employees in the off-season. After Keller took office, he announced that he would never lay off employees. He believes that employees will not feel relieved and loyal if they do not relieve employees of their worries. Since then, the company has staffed the off-season as the standard. When the peak season comes, all employees will work overtime without complaint.
4. Help the staff develop a development plan
       Ericsson is a "hundred-year-old shop". Every year, the company's employees will have personal interviews with human resource managers or managers, and develop personal development plans with the help of superiors to keep up with the company's business development and even exceed the company's development pace. .
5. Encourage leapfrog reporting
        At Hewlett-Packard, the president’s office has never had a door. When employees are subject to unfair treatment from the top boss or when problems with the company are seen, they can be made directly or reflected at a higher level. When this kind of corporate culture allows people to get along with each other, they can all respect each other and eliminate confrontation and guilt.
6. Mobilize employees to participate in decision-making
        Every year, Ford Motor Company develops a full-year "employee participation plan." Mobilize employees to participate in business management. This action has led to employees' understanding of the company's "advantages," employees continue to increase the sense of cooperation, cooperation, rationalization of more and more proposals, production costs greatly reduced.
7. Retired employees who were dismissed
       Japan’s Sanyo Corporation once purchased the television factory in the United States in Frist City. After reaching the city of Frist, Japanese managers did not go to the public to recruit young and vigorous young workers, but hired those who had previously worked in the factory. The workers who are still unemployed now. As long as the work attitude is good and there is no technical problem, the factory welcomes them to come back.
8. Develop pride
       When Cisco Systems was founded in the United States, the salary was not high, but employees were very proud. The company often buys small items such as hats and sends each one to employees involved in certain projects, making them feel that the work has added value. When an outsider asks the company’s employees: “How are you doing at Cisco?” the staff will proudly say, “Wages are low, but often something is sent out.”
9. Oral praise
       Praise is not only considered as the most effective incentive method in today's enterprises, but it is also an effective communication method in the enterprise team. Matsushita Group, Japan, pays great attention to the praises. If founder Matsushita Kosuke helps his employees with quick progress or good performance, he will give verbal praise. If not, Panasonic will personally call in recognition of subordinates.


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