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Enterprise im products will have an invaluable market in the future

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         Americans don't seem to like instant messaging software. Perhaps this has something to do with ordinary user behavior. They prefer efficient and economical communication. There are too many contents in the daily communication activities of human beings that are boring conversations. Americans think that it is better to use mobile phones than to use software, to talk about things, and simple communication methods can improve efficiency.
In the PC era, the US IM entered development, but it was the same thing. Whether it is AOL or Microsoft's IM or ICQ, which has been a smash hit, it has limited value. However, in the mobile era, IM re-emerges its value, Kik applications are popular, and others such as Wickr and Telegram are catching up. After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $35 billion, the wave of IM was once again culminated.
         IM software can carry more functions, and now the path of the web side has no technical obstacles. The use of IM software with better user privacy may greatly improve the effect of web services. In the future cloud era, I am afraid that most of them must first pass through the client as an entrance.
         The domestic instant messaging market is basically mature, such as toC, the largest service provider is Tencent QQ, and the mobile terminal is still Tencent, that is, WeChat. In addition, there are PC software such as YY on the market. Not only IM, but also toBIM service providers in China. For many years, IM has not stopped moving forward, and there will be more and more fierce competition in the future.
The biggest feature of Im products is that they are sticky and can adapt to the user's habits. They are more inseparable than web tools and are an excellent entry point into the Internet. Therefore, on the PC side, IM's primary profit model is still to provide value-added services. Tencent created a business empire with value-added services, and YY also relied on value-added services. The commercial value of such PC-side IM tools in the mass market is close to saturation. In the future, with the tide of traditional companies' Internetization and informationization, the IM client for online applications is about to emerge.
         The benefit of Enterprise IM products lies in providing enterprises with a standardized entry into the network and importing various web functions based on the client, so that the acceptance of the enterprise will be higher. Although all future Internet tools will be available on the web side, it is still reasonable to provide enterprises with an acceptable client portal.
         Although enterprise im products are not well-known among ordinary netizens, they are well-known in the corporate office field. The biggest feature is that there is no advertisement, no spam interference, and it can be used as communication, transfer files, and organization coordination tools within the company. It can improve office efficiency and solve many problems in communication. The existence of enterprise im products is very useful to the company. However, in the future, the services provided by the enterprise im products to the company will be further increased and will be extended to a wider field.
With the continuous changes in the Internet era, enterprise im products will continue to be updated in terms of functions and features, not only to meet office collaboration functions, but more importantly in software services and cloud services.


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