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         Strengthening enterprise instant communication is no longer a dispensable measure in today's enterprise management. The survey shows that there is a close relationship between good financial performance and effective communication. Communication and change management The best performing company has a performance performance 3.5 times that of its peers. How to promote employee's positive behavior and internal collaboration through effective communication, to harvest employees' sustainable engagement and ultimately improve organizational performance is a long-term issue.
        The turnover rate of employees has always been a problem that plagues enterprises. The high and low turnover rate also reflects some problems in business management. The lack of communication between leaders and employees, and the lack of a sense of belonging among employees, is an important reason for employees to leave.
         Levels of barriers are more difficult to communicate with
        American scholars Sandra Hebers and Richard Weaver in "Effective Communication" argue that "communication is any process in which people share information, thoughts, and emotions. This process includes not only verbal and written language. It also includes physical language, personal habits and methods, and physical environment—that is, anything that gives meaning to information.
        It is very important and necessary for modern enterprises to communicate effectively, but there are many obstacles in actual communication.
        Li Wei is a content editor for an internet company. According to Li Wei, all employees will be assigned a corresponding tutor when they join the company. The tutors are generally served by colleagues with rich experience in the same department. They are responsible for guiding the new employee to be familiar with everything from work to life within the company. Any new employee can be consulted at any time with any questions.
        However, Li Wei added that although this is the case, the internal communication is not comprehensive: “There are mainly business issues with department leaders, and there is almost no communication with the company’s leaders. Although the company’s leaders have publicly expressed the 'office door’ for employees at any time. Open, you can come in and communicate with them anytime, anywhere, but our communication with the leaders is limited to 'meeting and greetings.' Because the workplace is the most taboo report, we don't want to conflict with our direct leadership because of this kind of thing."
Yang Hui, a recruiting project manager at Microsoft, told reporters that Microsoft also does not advocate or encourage active leapfrogship, and it is more advocating that employees try various ways to solve problems independently or communicate with direct leaders. "Microsoft has established a 'skip level one on one' mechanism. This is a communication mechanism for corporate employees and leaders to communicate with each other. Employees can regularly exchange questions with upper-level leaders or higher-level leaders, every month. Fixed once."
        “Communication can reduce friction and conflict, make leaders and employees understand each other, increase the scientific nature of decision-making, and shorten the time from decision-making to execution.” Yang Hui added.
        Lenovo is one of the few companies in China that has a real-time communication mechanism for mature enterprises. The main performance is to vigorously advocate the “four steps of communication”: when encountering problems, “find the responsible position to communicate directly” and “see the direct superior communication of the position” ", "Report your own superiors to help communicate", "Find both sides to work together to resolve."
        New media helps companies diversify their forms of instant communication
        More and more companies realize that only by building an internal management communication system, improving employee satisfaction, and reducing turnover rate can the company achieve economic benefits. In addition to the president's mailbox and corporate magazines, many companies have internal instant communication tools or internal corporate forums. This has become an important part of the instant communication mechanism of enterprise enterprises.
        Yang Hui said that within Microsoft, the timeliness and openness of corporate communication have become more prominent because of the use of instant messaging tools. Employees use Microsoft's self-developed Lync to communicate online. Employees can see the status of Microsoft employees around the world, or "busy" or "go", you can also see the level of employees; you can use Outlook to send mail, and with The employee's own landline number is bound to ensure the timeliness of communication. At the same time, Microsoft uses the yammer social platform to form a business integrating voting, chat, activities, links, topics, questions and answers, ideas and other applications. Social network.
        "It is precisely these hardware and software guarantees that integrate into the company's open corporate culture. Although Microsoft does not have a clear-cut enterprise instant communication mechanism, it always shows the timeliness and openness of corporate communication," Yang said.
He Mingwei, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Yuanxing Technology Co., Ltd., believes that if it is not in a different place, it is originally in an open environment, which can reduce the communication mode of IM (instant messaging) group. If it is offsite, the IM group is quite necessary, especially the RTX tools that support file transfer and the internal IM tools that support multiparty calls.
         The internal website is an important part of the enterprise enterprise instant communication system and an excellent platform for communicating business and life. According to Li Wei, his company's internal website basically covers every aspect of work and life, including technical exchange, product experience, and learning sharing. One of the sections is called “General Office Communication”. Any employee can ask questions, and the relevant company executives will also “bubble” and respond accordingly.
         Focus on increasing horizontal communication from the bottom up
         From the perspective of the establishment of enterprise instant communication mechanism, domestic enterprises have a certain gap compared with foreign enterprises. Compared with traditional enterprises, emerging enterprises pay more attention to establishing instant communication mechanisms for enterprises. Generally speaking, what kind of organization and management mode a company has, it will form a management communication network with corresponding characteristics. The organization of traditional enterprises is highly formalized and centralized, from the highest management level to the lowest employee level, and the hierarchical system is strict. In management communication, employees can only conduct single uplink or downlink communication with their direct superiors and subordinates. The management communication network is simple and fixed, which is not conducive to the efficient circulation of information, but also affects the initiative and enthusiasm of grassroots employees.
         Hu Wei, a lecturer at the Institute of Organization and Human Resources, School of Public Administration, Renmin University of China, believes that with the increase in organizational hierarchy and the increase in departments, it will increase communication time and reduce communication. However, with the increase and flexibility of communication methods, the most important issue is not the obstacles of organizational structure, but the organization's emphasis on communication issues, especially bottom-up and horizontal communication.
        "Bottom-up is the full attention and respect for grassroots employees, especially front-line employees, from control to control services. Horizontal communication must establish a workflow, break the local interests of various departments, break formalism, and let everyone stand in the organizational system. Highly thinking and understanding the problem." Hu Wei said.


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