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Who leaked the company and your information? ---Enterprise Instant Messaging ...

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With the explosive development of the mobile Internet, in the work, through the mobile Internet, the use of personal social instant messaging software to communicate more and more frequently, the work can be quickly and easily through the instant messaging application for work information exchange, instant messaging and Email Compared with the great advantage, it is mainly because it can make communications faster and faster without going back and forth like ordinary e-mail. It helps greatly in improving efficiency. The ensuing questions about corporate information security and personal privacy are increasing.

We are satisfied with the real-time and efficient message transmission of personal social instant messaging applications to bring convenience to work and life. We are gradually accustomed to and rely on this method of information exchange. Many companies use personal instant messaging applications such as QQ and Wechat as a tool for business communication. However, personal instant messaging software is not suitable for instant communication with corporate work scenarios. The security and arrival rate of message transmission are not controllable.

The number of viruses and malware generated for personal social IM applications is multiplying. About 60% of companies monitor and protect the security of emails, but 90% of them lack the authorization or control of IM communications. This is equivalent to the company's ignorance of network security threats, data leakage, legal liability and other issues.

There are many risks in using personal social IM at work

1. Network Device Security:

Social IM tools are often attacked by viruses, spyware, and Trojan horses, causing servers and computers to be maliciously attacked and infected.

2. Confidential Information Disclosure:

In the process of transmitting instant messages, the arrival rate of messages is not controllable. In the event of malicious intrusion, important corporate secrets will be revealed.

3. Numerous spam:

In the personal social instant messaging system, 5% to 7% of the information transmitted is spam. Some IM worms will send unsolicited advertisements to reach the user's friend list, which will seriously affect work efficiency.

Identity theft:

Personal social IM communication is applied to life and entertainment scenes, and cannot guarantee the authenticity of the user's identity. Frequently, strangers add or misbehave in the enterprise group. That is, fraudulent users will imitate other people or company employees, etc. Engaging in illegal activities is even exploited and scammed.

5. Client vulnerability:

The buffer overflow vulnerability in software that we were familiar with, such as MSN, is a typical example.

RTC contributes to corporate information security

Because personal social IM software has many hidden safety problems, companies need to be safe, efficient, and suitable for team communication, to meet the individual needs in the work environment, professional enterprise instant messaging software.

In terms of security, RTC enterprise instant messaging software owns the border firewall of the organization, and its fine-grained, trust-based and flexible authorization mechanism fully guarantees the functional safety of the system; it is SSL/TLS and international CA certified 128-bit encrypted transmission. Information security to achieve the ultimate, provide a fast data backup / restore means to ensure system data security.

In terms of access rights, the account ownership of the RTC enterprise instant messaging software is owned by the enterprise, and the administrator manages it in a unified manner. It creates, disables, removes, and recycles groups and permissions, all of which are operated by the enterprise administrator. The system uses strict authorization/access control. The system not only controls what information the application/user accesses, but also controls what applications or users have rights to perform. In addition, management rights can be delegated to be able to manage cross-application access authorizations for large organizational structures. Strict identity authentication, the platform provides a variety of optional authentication methods, including password authentication, password + verification code authentication, password + SMS verification code, AD domain user authentication, CA digital certificate authentication and other authentication methods, password authentication using MD5 encryption algorithm To ensure system security.

The information security of an enterprise is related to the company's development prospects and competitiveness, so it cannot be ignored. Having an enterprise instant messaging software such as RTC that can ensure the security of enterprise information can not be delayed. He can not only ensure the security of enterprise information, distinguish different applications of live entertainment and instant communication of enterprise team work, but also meet the enterprise's real-time communication. Strong demand for information security, improve work communication efficiency. Corporate communications, preferred RTC, Hui Xun will always be escorting your side.


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